3 Things You Missed: What to do on Your Trip to Palisade, Colorado

If you’ve visited the small town of Palisade in western Colorado, chances are you’ve sampled some of our wines, gone on a hike, eaten some peaches, or attended a local festival. Don’t get us wrong – these are all fantastic things that you definitely don’t want to miss! After all, with over 30 wineries in our little valley, there’s something for everyone. But if you’ve visited and ‘been there, done that’, we’re here to tell you that you missed a few things. Check out this list for three awesome things to do that you might not have noticed on your first time through!
  1. Browse the Art Galleries

Palisade has a handful of art galleries that represent local artists, including the Blue Pig Gallery, Craig Gallery, and Sandy King Gallery. While visiting The Blue Pig, you’ll find over 75 local artists featured in a historic building in downtown Palisade. Gallery owner Kay Crane recognizes the abundance of local talent, “The Blue Pig Gallery has such a wide variety of art everywhere, from drawings to oil paintings, to pastel paintings, to pottery… We have jewelry makers and basket makers and glassware for sale, stained glass, too. Just about any kind of art you could think of, we represent here – and a high quality of art, too.”

You’ll also find a community that invests in its local art scene. For several years, we’ve added sculptures to the town. So, while the art inside the galleries is worth a trip, don’t pass by the incredible pieces along the streets of downtown, either!

  1. Visit the History Museum

“A lot of our history is overlooked. We are a small town, but there’s a lot of really interesting history. We’ve packed a lot into a small space.” – Priscilla Walker, founding chairman of the Palisade Historical Society.

The History Museum opened a little over a year ago and features exhibits about irrigation water and how it impacted the peach supply and agriculture, coal mining history, and more. The museum is open year-round, four days a week, and is kid friendly! The volunteers are welcoming and passionate about Palisade’s unique history and would love to share their wealth of knowledge with you.

  1. Experience the Wildlife

Did you know that Palisade is home to alpacas and wild horses? Contact Suncrest Orchard Alpacas to learn about the animals and watch how their fiber is processed to make yarn and other products. You can spot wild horse herds roam in the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area.

The fun doesn’t stop there; we’ve got lots of outdoor activities for you to enjoy (and more chances to see wild animals!)

… and so much more! There is no shortage of unique things to do in Palisade. Trust us, no two trips are exactly alike, and we’ve got a bed waiting for when you’re ready to see all that you missed!

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