Nana’s Fruit & Jam Shack @ Davis Family Farms

Davis Family Farms in Palisade, CO., is a family owned and operated orchard venture. Our peach journey began in 1999 when we purchased a pickup load of peaches to sell retail in a nearby mountain town. When we moved to Palisade in 1990 we knew in our hearts we would someday want to be peach farmers.

The original Home of Nana’s hand-crafted jams and jellies made in palisade with local fruit, beer and wine. Fresh picked fruits that include our natural grown peaches. Come out to our little peach town and visit Nana’s Country store and find our signature “HOLY CRAP” hot sauces, fruit honey and more.

Call for times.

3673 G 7/10 Rd.
Palisade, CO 81526
Phone: 970.216.3667