Peachfork Orchards & Vineyards

The Peachfork sits high on the Colorado Plateau where wind and water weathered blocks of sandstone, shale and limestone into canyons, gulches and arroyos. The Peachfork Plateau series invites you to discover the diversity of wines sourced from the soil remnants of geologic deposits millions of years old. Red Plateau wines include Chambourcin, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Shiraz. White Plateau wines include Chardonnay and Tramminette. Between the Red and White series is the Plateau Series with a Chambourcin Rose’.

Contact us however you feel most comfortable . . . via phone, text or email. Remember that we are farmers and work daylight to dark in the harvest time of the year. Please be patient we are working to provide you with high quality fruit.

Our tasting room is open Thursday through Saturday 12-6 pm. Other days of the week are by appointment or if you can find us in the vineyard or orchard we are happy to stop work to taste wines.

Address: 281 33 Road  •  Palisade, CO 81526

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Telephone: 970-434-6273