Palisade Art Vision

The Palisade Art Vision includes contributions from local artists and the founder of Grand Junction’s Public Sculpture program, Dave Davis. This program, established in 1984 has been duplicated in cities around the world and earned Dave the Colorado Governor’s Award for his contribution to arts and culture. Join us September 9, 2017 @ 4 p.m. for the unveiling reception of the 2017/2018 artwork.

Spring Herons – Steve Kentz

Spring Herons by: Steve Kentz

Steve Kentz is a sculptor from head to toe. He climbs rocks and carves stone barefoot so he can experience the feeling of chunks and dust beneath his toes. Steve is a long time contributor to the Marble Symposium and brings together stone carvers from around the world to carve the treasured “yule” marble in Marble, CO. This featured piece “Spring Heron” was purchased by the family and friends of Betty Hauschulz as a memorial to her and as the first permanent sculpture in the Palisade Art Vision collection.  Find this piece and many other beautiful sculptures in downtown, Palisade, CO.

Falling Dimes by: Dave Davis

“Father Dave” Davis is the father of many outdoor public sculpture programs around the world. Listen to him for five minutes and you will believe in the power of art. This local Palisade resident has shared his abstract thinking with artists around the country and was recognized for his artistic accomplishments when he receive the Colorado Governor’s Award.  This sculpture, “Falling Dimes,” was first purchased and displayed for years in a local bank. The bank changed ownership and Dave recovered this sculpture through recognition and local donation.  The town of Palisade is proud to share it with the local citizens and visitors of Palisade, a truly timeless piece.

Falling Dimes – Dave Davis

Squash – Lyle Nichols

Squash by: Lyle Nichols

At the unveiling of this sculpture, Lyle Nichols stated his two missions as an artist and a sculptor. “One is to collect interesting old junk and two is to make people smile,” said Lyle. John’s ability to transform interesting old junk into unique pieces of art has been making people smile for years. Even his home studio draws attention of passerbys as they get out of their cars to take pictures and marvel at his creations. This piece entitled, “Squash,” is made from squashed garage door springs welded and rusted together. The variegated sandstone squash bumps are giant rusted bezels carefully set in with precision and care. This piece is proudly displayed in Downtown, Palisade, CO. Drop by for a smile.

La Tortuguita aka: Penny by: Gary Hauschulz

Gary Hauschild & Susan Metzler were driving across Nevada to deliver a sculpture to Boulder City when they noticed several miles of very short fencing. Puzzled at the incredibly short fence, they discovered this boundary was created to keep tortoises out of the busy traffic.  The current tortoise population is 10% of what it was in the 1950’s and only 2% of hatchlings survive to become adults. To top it off, they only breed when they live to be 15 – 20 years old, they are ENDANGERED. Still, each tortoise hatches, ignoring the statistics, with the attitude of “Here I come world!” This inspiring piece was donated to the Palisade art vision and can be found on display in front of the Palisade Chamber of Commerce. Gary’s bronze, cement and stone sculpture, originally titled, “La Tortuguita” is now name “Penny” as folks were adding coins to the egg shells as they passed by.

La Tortuguita – Gary Hauschulz