Palisade Art Vision

Palisade Art Vision was formed in 2015 by a group of local citizens and artists to promote and embrace, “Art as a part of everyday life.”

Artists loan their work free of charge for one year. In return, the sculptors are provided an installation stipend, recognition and promotion. Pieces are available for purchase or offered as a legacy program to honor a loved one. Our first installation in 2016 featured renowned regional sculptors, Dave Davis, Gary Hauschulz, Lyle Nichols and Steve Kentz.

“Spring Heron,” by Steve Kentz, was purchased as a memorial gift in 2016. The piece is now a part of our permanent collection.

Palisade Art Vision envisioned an outdoor sculputure program to promote a visible aesthetic voice to the Town of Palisade.

Palisade Art Vision is pleased to present our 2017-2018 installations. This year’s artists consist of both masters and exciting new talent. They hail from Colorado and the West. All were on hand for the unveiling in September 2017. The pieces are on display through August 2018 in Downtown Palisade.

Little Ray of Sunshine by: Greg Todd, Greeley, CO

“In 1989, I created my first bronze sculpture and fell in love with this method of expression. I draw my ideas from my personal experiences and interests.”

High Desert Horse by: Daphna Russell, Cedaredge, CO

Daphna believes the making and appreciation of art contributes immensely to the function of the human being. It teaches stories and lessons, it increases our mental capacity and opens our awareness of the world around us.

Anastasia by: Dimitri Domani Spiridon, Santa Fe, NM

“Through my art I celebrate life, and strive to captivate the beauty within humanity. My art is uniquely abstract, to stylized, to figurative.”

Iron Chieftain by: Nathan hale, Palisade, CO

“I fell in love with the art of Blacksmithing 5 years ago, and threw everything I had into learning this craft. I use all traditional forging methods including a coal forge.”

Flux by: Amos Biocic, Grand Junction, CO

“My art is reflective of my love for the visual character and beauty of natural elements and materials.”

Cahaya by: Pavia Justinian, Fruita, CO

“Creation is my deepest compulsion. I luxuriate in the vibrant, uneven flow of paint over a textured surface, in smoothing cement over steel with slow caress, and in the steady crackling of molten welding rod forging the bond of steel to steel. I love creating beauty from unlikely combinations.”

Which came first…The dinosaur or the Egg? by: Gary Hauschulz, Palisade, CO

Special Thanks to St. Mary’s Medical Center for loaning this piece to PAV during their construction phase.