Is it your first time to Palisade, Colorado? Welcome! Life tastes good here, all year long. We hope you enjoy all that our abundant corner of the valley has to offer. After all, there’s not many places in the world where you can tour over 30 wineries in one day and then float the river or mountain bike the next. But if you want to really enjoy your time here, we have a few tips on how to tour like a local! These tricks are followed by our local Palisade residents and Coloradans across the state to keep everything flowing smoother than an aged Cabernet Sauvignon.


  1. Know Before You Go – In Palisade, we encourage that you explore less-visited places in off-peak times. This will minimize downtime, maximize your connection with special places, and ensure you get more time to chat with locals!
  2. Stick to the Trails – It may be tempting to take a shortcut on a trail (especially after the fourth switchback on the Palisade Rim), but please don’t! A few extra strides on the path will protect plants and the homes of the true locals.
  3. Trash Your Trash – We always like to say, “pack it in, pack it out!” This means that when you’re out and about hiking, biking, or touring in Palisade, keep all your trash with you until you can find a proper trash receptacle. Snack wrappers or empty bottles have no business ruining the natural landscape and beauty of Palisade.
    1. Bonus Points: Pick up trash that you find along the way and leave it better than you found it!
  4. Don’t Pick the Fruit! – Palisade is a unique town in that we have many roads or trails that run along orchards and vineyards. This does not mean that anyone is welcome to pick fruit. Orchard and vineyard owners ask that you please leave fruit on the vine and instead, stop in for a visit to one of our many fruit stands or wineries if you’d like some samples!
  5. Drink Water – Coloradans are well-known for driving Subarus, hiking with dogs, and carrying Hydroflasks covered in stickers. We admit that there’s some truth to the stereotype, and so we do recommend carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. Palisade sits at an elevation of just over 4,700 feet and averages over 90 degrees in the summertime. So, stay hydrated!


Keep these five tips in mind, and you’ll blend right in with the friendly people of Palisade. You’ll also be helping to keep our town clean, trails healthy, and yourself safe! Thank you for working with us to preserve our lands and keeping them intact for all to enjoy.